Hockey and Multiculturalism

by Adam Zara

For this issue’s cover, we chose to showcase a piece painted by Italian-Canadian artist Carlo Cosentino of Montreal, Quebec. It’s a typical Canadian urban winter scene depict- ing the good ol’ hockey game as we know and love it.

On page 44, contributor Sal Difalco writes about hockey as a path to Canadian integration. Indeed, for many of us, hockey became a unique conduit that allowed for bonding and interaction with Francophone and Anglophone Cana- dians (and many other cultural/ethnic groups). We cheered and cursed our favourite NHL teams together and we played (and fought) each other in house leagues on indoor and outdoor rinks as soon as we set foot on Canadian soil.

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Flourishing Florence

A tale of two hotels with a rich past

by Silvana Longo

Situated on the street named after the surname of Lorenzo il Magnifico’s mother, Lucrezia, the medieval tower was built in the mid-13th century by the Guelf Ruggerini family. Over the centuries, there have been a variety of owners, however, the tower remained in the Gianfigliazzi family for several generations and is mentioned in the 17th Canto of Dante’s Inferno about the “Usurers”:

And when, amongst them, looking round I came, 

A yellow purse 3 I saw with azure wrought,         

That wore a lion’s countenance and port.

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Senator Tony Loffreda, Two Years Later and a Pandemic

by Carole Gagliardi

Panoram Italia spoke with Senator Tony Loffreda to find out how the pandemic transformed Canada’s Senate, and what he did to fulfill his mandate and the goals he set out for himself.

Panoram Italia: How did you adapt to the lockdowns and the pandemic while achieving your objectives?

Tony Loffreda: I have been in the Senate for over two years, and over this period we have had two federal elections and a global pandemic. Obviously, my experience in the Senate has been any- thing but typical so far.

As we all did, I adapted my way of doing things by meeting with stakeholders online and discussing issues of particular inter- est to me, including education, youth-related issues, the health system, climate change and, of course, the economy. In fact, the transition to the virtual world allowed me to meet with just as many Canadians as if we hadn’t had a pandemic, if not more, given that geographic limitations stopped being a major obstacle.

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Lasagna Bolognese

by Gabriel Riel-Salvatore

You can’t go wrong with lasagna Bolognese, a traditional dish from Emilia-Romagna that includes egg pasta, creamy béchamel and Bolognese sauce.

Perfect for a large dinner with family or friends, it can be conveniently prepared in advance and baked later. Although mozzarella is not included in the original recipe, cheese lovers can add some in for a gooier dish.

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