A Look Towards Euro 2020

You may recognize Katya (left) and Adriana (right) Moser from Panoram Italia’s Summer 2020 Living Italian Style section.

On the same day of their pre-pandemic photo shoot in February 2020, the sisters pulled on Azzurri jerseys and proudly waved the tricolore for what was supposed to be the Summer 2020 cover photo. Due to the postponement of the Euro 2020 tournament to June 2021, that cover was deferred to this issue. The Italian-Canadian sisters hail from Toronto; Katya, 27, just launched her online business named My Mia, and Adriana, 29, is a lawyer.

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Literary Footsteps

“Asolando” with Robert Browning

by Silvana Longo

Musings of a grounded Travel Editor

Who is planning to go to Italy this summer? How many of us will actually resume our previous much-taken- for-granted summer vacations to il bel paese this year?

We are at the doorstep of quite possibly a second consecutive summer hiatus from Italy—unless you’re fine with quarantining and COVID tests, then buon viaggio. For the rest of us, interna- tional travel depends on the success of the vaccine rollout, and whether both Canada and Italy will have a handle on the situation before we can indulge the fantasy of a tricolore reunion.

Rest assured, once I do get clearance to fly again, I am not set- tling for a brief visit next time. I am prolonging my stay so I can truly savour the experience and take in as much beauty as I can stand. Thanks to remote working, that prospect is tenable.

The idea of the long stay and this unrelenting desire to return made me reflect upon the many artists and writers over the past few centuries who were incredibly inspired and forever changed by their visits to Italy. It was this deep appreciation that spurred the editorial theme in the summer issue. A country that was discov- ered and loved by foreigners long before it even was a unified country. A place that touches the hearts of many and who long
to return. Following the tracks of these literary giants is one of
the ways we can continue our long-distance love affair with the country right now.

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Romance Beauty

How visiting Italy fueled some of the world’s finest writers


by Maureen Little John

Expanding your horizons, taking a gap year, searching for a personal Eat, Pray, Love experience. Whatever you want to call it, extended sojourns to find yourself are not unique to the 21st century.

Exploratory expeditions to become a more rounded person have been happening for hundreds of years, but they really exploded in the 18th and 19th centuries when it became de rigeur for those with means to take the Grand Tour.

Originally, the Grand Tour was a sort of coming-of-age ritual for wealthy young men. Often from England, they would set out with a head full of classical teachings and an eagerness to see where these fabled stories took place. The destinations were Paris, Italy and sometimes Greece.

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Eggplant Parmigiana Towers


by Gabriel Riel-Salvatore

As an alternative to traditional eggplant parmigiana, these single-serving eggplant towers are a wonderful summer meal.

They are a much easier, quicker and lighter version of the hearty traditional dish, because the eggplants are grilled, not fried. Served hot or cold, this vertical rendition of the parmigiana is sure to impress your guests.

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