This weekend’s Toronto Star featured an investigative piece on a saga that is in its third decade. Last year, the TLN Telelatino TV series SPEAKING FREELY with Rafael Gomez featured Dr. Nancy Olivieri in an incredible episode entitled “Who Stands on Guard for Thee?” – Guests included thalidomide survivor Alvin Law, Dr. Olivieri and Dr. David Healey.

And  22 years ago, on May 3rd, 2001, TLN Telelatino TV presented an episode of our “Persona” series that featured Dr Olivieri: “A member of one of Hamilton’s most prominent Italian families, Dr. Nancy Olivieri is among the world’s foremost authorities on rare blood disorders.” 

Devotion to her patients has driven her to succeed as a medical researcher, and lessons learned from her family early in life gave Nancy the strength to become one of Canada’s most outspoken advocates for scientific integrity. 

In spite of the obstacles placed in her path, Dr. Olivieri continues to research new treatments for Thalossymia in Toronto, with support of her family and prominent members of the international medical community.”

TO WATCH THE ORIGINAL 2001 EPISODE on Dr. Olivieri’s story, watch the TLN Original Persona biography on