Dario Gambarin recreates 1907 Picasso self-portrait after similar images of Pope Francis and US leaders in Verona field

Gambarin is renowned for producing enormous portraits on fields. Photograph: Dario Gambarin/Reuters

The Guardian – An Italian land artist has used a tractor to create a portrait of Pablo Picasso on wasteland in Castagnaro, Verona.

Dario Gambarin said he was inspired by Picasso’s 1907 self-portrait to create what he says is the largest portrait of the Spanish artist in the world.

Picasso died on 8 April 1973, in Mougins, France.

Gambarin is renowned for producing enormous portraits of high-profile individuals on a field in northern Italy.

In November 2013, he revealed one of former US president John F Kennedy in Castagnaro in advance of the 50th anniversary of his death.

In the same year, Gambarin used a tractor with a plow and a harrow to create an image of Pope Francis on a 25,000 square metre field.

The Italian artist decided to plough the artwork into his parents’ field after the pontiff announced a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria.

Prior to the 2016 US presidential election, Gambarin used his tractor to transform a field into a portrait of Donald Trump, writing “Ciao” beneath Trump’s left shoulder. He also created a similar portrait of Trump’s election rival Hillary Clinton.