Serata – On January 27, 2024, Revival Night Club in Toronto’s Little Italy was transformed into a “dolce vita” evening where guests enjoyed authentic Italian food and drink, dancing the night away to modern and classic Italian hits, spun by DJ Pulsar. The event was coordinated by Danila Di Croce of Viva la Dolce – an Italian-Canadian culture and lifestyle blog – in collaboration with Italian-Canadian music blog, Musica Toronto, to create an authentic Italian experience rooted in the concept of una serata: a night out among friends.

“We wanted to create an experience for Italian enthusiasts to gather and celebrate the Italian culture in an authentic way,” says Danila Di Croce. “There is so much work to do in continuing the preservation of the rich Italian heritage passed down to us by parents and grandparents, and Serata is one way of doing just that.”

Serata will also offer opportunities to learn about the new offerings of Italian culture, such as music styles. Both Viva la Dolce and Musica Toronto strongly believe that, while holding on to Italians traditions is important, an awareness of today’s Italy is necessary for a continued appreciation of Italian culture in future generations.

“It’s important to remind Italian-Canadians about the fact that Italy is not just what our nonni taught us years ago. Italian culture has modernized just as North American culture has, and it’s crucial to keep up with those changes for younger generations to relate to it, and continue the interest in our heritage.”

Serata Organizers, Erica Varadaro, Rob Vardaro and Danila Di Croce (Left to right)