Everything Zoomer – Katie Parla, the New York Times bestselling cookbook author and Emmy-nominated television hostcelebrates the diversity of Italy’s regional dishes in her new book Food of the Italian Islands. For Parla, who was born in New Jersey, the book — which is packed with over 85 original and reimagined recipes — is a return to her Italian roots. Zoomer caught up with Parla to talk about the cultural history and flavours of Sicily, Sardinia and Italy’s lesser-known island destinations. And to bring home a taste of these cultural gems, we serve up some of her palate-pleasing pasta recipes, including Fried Cheese-Filled Ravioli Soaked in Honey and Pistachio Pesto. Mangiamo!

Seadas (Sardinia’s regional dish) consist of fried, cheese-filled ravioli soaked in honey / Ed Anderson