July 16 to September 11, 2022

UrbanToronto – If you have been near Nathan Philips Square recently, you may have noticed a new tower that has risen behind City Hall. It is not the tallest nor the loudest building to have been constructed recently in Toronto, but it is perhaps one of the most significant new civic additions to the city in a generation. The Ontario Court of Justice is the second high-rise courthouse in the country, rising 17 storeys and containing a total of 63 courtrooms. It is designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) and NORR Architects, and will amalgamate justice services from three different locations in the city.

As the courthouse nears completion, a new exhibition on its architects offers a glimpse into the fascinating design process that led to the building that we see today. Presented by Harbourfront Centre in partnership with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto, Piece by Piece: Inside the Renzo Piano Building Workshop offers a rare and intimate look at the design processes of one the world’s most renowned Pritzker Prize-winning architecture firms.

Piece by Piece: Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop opens in Toronto

Hosted by the Harbourfront Centre in partnership with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, the exhibition runs from July 16 to September 11, 2022.

An exhibition at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre showcases the work of Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW).  Pieceby Piece: Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop is composed of 11 tables, each set out with models, photos, and other detailed documentation of 11 projects selected to reflect RPBW’s working process.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Toronto