by Domenica Marchetti for The Mediterranean Dish – Stracciatella is one of my favorite go-to dishes for lunch or dinner. While it’s composed of just three ingredients this traditional Italian soup is nourishing, richly flavored, and comes together in under 20 minutes. 

Stracciatella soup is made from a handful of pantry staples: chicken broth, eggs, Parmigiano cheese, and, sometimes, just a whisper of nutmeg. The delicate soup has been a mainstay for generations of Italian children and is equally beloved by their parents, most of whom grew up on it.

Photo credit: Mariam Hamdy

In my stracciatella soup recipe, I’ve included spinach, which makes it even more healthful, texture-rich, and flavorful, as well as a touch of lemon zest for brightness and balance. 

This simple Italian soup recipe is all about the quality of your ingredients: make it when you have a high-quality, ideally homemade chicken stock on hand.