More information on these products is needed before they’re approved for human consumption here.

By Brian Lilley for Toronto Sun – Italy is looking to ban lab grown meat as well as using flour from crickets in pizza or pasta. The Italian government says it’s about protecting Italy’s food supply, its heritage and its food culture.

Based on the reaction of my stomach when I think about eating a lab grown “burger” or some cricket pasta, my answer should be a strong yes, let’s ban it all. I’m also someone who values freedom, including the freedom to choose whacky dietary options and who believes the role of government should be limited.

At best, I can say, we need more information on these products before they’re approved for human consumption in Canada.

By more information, I don’t just mean more information for regulators, I’m talking about more information for the people who count the most here, the consumers. Regulators are people who crunch numbers, analyze and follow rules set by others – consumers will be the ones making clear choices in the grocery aisles and will need clear information.

A cooked piece of cultivated chicken breast created at the UPSIDE Foods plant, where lab-grown meat is cultivated, in Emeryville, California, January 11, 2023. PHOTO BY PETER DASILVA /REUTERS