Luca, the first full-length Disney movie set in Italy, is kicking off the 10th edition of the Italian Canadian Film Festival in Toronto this weekend. Valeria Lorenzetti spoke with the director and art director about the work involved bringing Italy’s mosaic to the big screen.

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Luca: Inside Pixar’s 1950s Italian Riviera Adventure With Director Enrico Casarosa – “My best friend Alberto [Surace] was a bit of a troublemaker,” Luca director Enrico Casarosa says at a virtual press event, discussing how his feature-length Pixar debut is inspired by his childhood. “I was a bit timid, I had a bit of a sheltered life until I met him around [the age of] 12. He was wild and free to do whatever. His family wasn’t really supervising him. We couldn’t be more different. Alberto got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me off many cliffs, metaphorical and not. In fact, I might not be standing here had I not learned to chase my dreams, from him. That is the kind of friendship I wanted to talk about [on Luca]. Those deep important friendships many of us have that make us grow up. They change us, they help us find ourselves. That is the heart of Luca.”